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Student Competition

Put your students' building skills to test!

We organize a number of competitions with a STEM/STEAM focus through the year for different age groups and organizations.


We can design and host a design challenge based on your students' level and school's curriculum. For more information, please contact us


We are working on the details of our 2020 Design Challenge. Please check back periodically for more updates or contact us to get notified when registration is open! 

Sample of a Design Challenge:

Students in grades 1-6 are challenged to build an object with a certain theme and with specified materials.  Teams design and build the required object for this year's challenge using a blueprint. At the challenge, they will present a narrative report, submit blueprints/cost sheets, and build their object within a certain time limit. 


This event will be held at: To be posted 


For more details and enrolment, please see below. 

P1 to P3: To be posted 

P4 to P6:​ To be posted 

Registration: To be posted 

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