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5 Educational Benefits Children Receive from Building Toys

K’NEX has been around for almost three decades and holds a special place in every Millennial’s heart who let their imaginations run wild while clicking rods and connectors together in their formative years. Now, 25 years later, K’NEX building sets are household favorites that have been passed down from the generation before them.

When K’NEX was founded, its main goal was to teach children that the size of their imaginations was the only limit to their building capabilities. Today, parents will find that every K’NEX set continues to be educational; connecting science, technology, engineering, arts, and math within each rod and connector building set.

In fact, consider these five educational benefits children can receive from building toys such as K’NEX!

Sharpen Focus and Patience -  Have you ever seen a child deep in thought, the wheels turning, as he or she slowly and carefully snaps together various building pieces?Building toys sharpens focus and establishes patience, two very important life skills that your little one should develop on their journey through life!

Build Fine Motor Skills and Strength - Fine motor skills are those little movements we usually take for granted like feeding ourselves, buttoning a shirt, or zippering a jacket. These small muscles that control the hand are put to good use when your child is playing with building toys. Essentially, children have to grasp big and tiny pieces alike—which strengthens hand muscles—as well as move and manipulate them to create different shapes.

Encourage Mind Usage - Instead of playing on a tablet (which is beneficial in its own way) building toys are hands on and teach your child to use his or her mind and fosters creativity by sparking imaginative thoughts. This increase in imagination has also shown to boost cognitive, social, and academic growth.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills - Problem-solving is a critical life skill and the earlier it is attained, the better. When using building toys, your child will come to learn this skill quickly as it’s needed to decide what will and what will not work in the designs. The mental process of problem-solving also teaches children to analyze different options and think on their feet.

Introduce Different Subjects - Building toys introduce your child to the basics of math, science, arts, and even engineering. You will find kids building their math skills by counting, adding, and subtracting, and also scientifically learning to experiment and see how things work by trying new building methods.


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