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3 Ways Children Can Use K'NEX Building Toys to Feed Their Engineering Interests

For the majority of Americans, the holiday season is the time when most parents and other family members shower children with more toys than they know what to do with. So, why not get them something fun AND educational that will also enable them to develop valuable skills they can use in the future?

STEM toy building sets by K’NEX encourage young minds to build beyond the instruction booklet. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, teaches children fundamental skills that are useful in each core subject. Even further, STEM learning toys promote creativity, problem-solving, experimentation, plus various other aptitudes that are relevant for the growing mind.

Parents, if you’ve got budding engineers at home, but are unsure of how to facilitate their interest, K’NEX has various creative building toys that will feed their inner builder. In fact, here are three ways that your child can use K’NEX building sets to feed their interests.

1.Become Better Builders

When it comes to the practice of engineering, excellent building skills are paramount. More than likely, a child that shows extreme interest in an engineering career loves using their hands, and they are always questioning how things work. K’NEX building systems provide endless amounts of building possibilities with real moving parts like wheels, rotors, wings, and tracks.

2.An Eye for Design

Successful engineers are also known to have a keen eye for design. The engineering design process is typically a series of steps that must be followed to come up with a solution to a problem. With K’NEX building sets, children must click together assorted parts to ultimately figure out how the building system works. Each set comes with an easy-to-read instructional booklet or children can use their imagination to create something entirely different.

3.Understand Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Gears, pulleys, motors, bulbs, and buzzers are widely used in mechanical and electrical engineering, and the best way to understand these systems is hands-on learning. With K’NEX Education® - STEM Exploration toys, kids get the opportunity to create fully functional construction models, complete with battery-powered motors, and experiment guides. Building replicas of real-world machines offer a better understanding of the principles that make them work. Is your child interested in pursuing an engineering career one day? Check out the extensive lineup of K’NEX educational building sets, perfect for the little engineer in your life!


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