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Extracurricular Activities - Model Building

In-school Classes 

We offer short- and long-term creative model building courses to schools, activity clubs and learning centers for after-school and Saturday classes. Topics of each class can be coordinated to support each school's STEM/STEAM curriculum. 

Classes can be taught in English and Chinese. Duration of class ranges from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the school's timetable.

We suggest a term-long course of at least 8 weeks for students to get familiarized with building principles and physics, to explore their building interest, and to create a K'NEX creation of their own.

Creations can then be displayed at school or be entered into competitions. For more information on competitions, please see keep an eye on our Competition page. 

Sample course outline: 

(Topics and pace can be adjusted according to school curriculum and calendar. For more topic suggestions, please contact us. The possibilities are limitless!)

  • Week 1 - Getting to know K'NEX 

  • Week 2 - Storytelling & Practising K'NEX - Making Simple Models (e.g. Tower)

  • Week 3 - How Axles Work - Building a Ferris Wheel

  • Week 4 - How Spring Motors Work - Building a Pull-Back Car

  • Week 5 - How Gears Work - Build You Own Vehicle Part 1 

  • Week 6 - How Gears Work - Build You Own Vehicle Part 2 & Peer Car Race

  • Week 7 - What is Archimedes' Principle - Building a Boat

  • Week 8 - Bridge Basics -Building a Bridge 

  • Week 9 - Presentation Preparation 

  • Week 10 - Presentation 

For longer courses, we suggest students to enter class, school, or inter-school competitions.

  • Week 11 - Design Challenge Briefing & Brainstorming 

  • Week 12 - Model Building 

  • Week 13 - Model Building 

  • Week 14 - Presentation & Blueprint Preparation

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Every month we organize volunteering activities for families and students to visit children from low income families who may not have adequate educational resources. Through building K'NEX, young volunteers help children increase knowledge in STEM, build their self-confidence through building and creating, and help develop their academic as well as life skills, in problem-solving, communication, teamwork and more. 

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge (Pictures 1& 2) and London Bridge (Picture 3). Build world-famous bridges in class and learn about how different real-life bridges are built - including Truss, Beam, Cantilever, Bascule, Arch, Suspension and Cable-stayed bridges!

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